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Cross-dissolves in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (2012)

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Christoph Waltz, photographed by Bryan Adams| Zoo Magazine issue 44

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A lovable meth addict is a rare character, I’d say.
So many people come up to me and say, “Oh my god, you’re my favorite lovable drug addict!” But it’s true, he’s truly just a lost kid, he got mixed up in the wrong crowd. When you first meet him, you don’t know if he’s bad, but then you realize he’s not a bad soul, he’s just trying to make a buck. He is cooking and selling drugs and I guess technically that is wrong, but I don’t think deep deep down he’s a horrible human being—he’s just trying to survive.

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Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Instagram: The Greatest Hits Collection

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"How you want that shake? ‘Martin & Lewis’ or ‘Amos & Andy’?"

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McGill. James M. McGill.

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